lunedì 12 febbraio 2007

Hank Jones

Hank Jones, 89 anni, splendidamente portati e ancora sul palcoscenico a suonare. Lascio un commento a Oscar Peterson che mi sembra molto eloquente sul ruolo di Hank Jones nella storia del piano jazz:

"After joining JATP, my good fortune continued when Hank was brought in primarily as Ella Fitzgerald's accompanist, along with his being a member of the rhythm section for the performing horns in the front end of each concert.....The first aspect of his playing that impressed me was his flow of totally harmonic ideas, coupled with an enviable pianistic touch reminiscent of the fingertip control that my teacher, Paul deMarky, had tried to instill in me. The other aspect of Hank's playing that grasped my attention was his harmonic conception, along with the beautiful flow of his melodic line. First and foremost, his ballad playing was totally enviable, and his rhythmic conception and soloing ability over all of these attributes left little, if anything, to be desired, musically speaking. The remarkable thing about Hank's playing, to me, was that he seemed to have all ends of Jazz piano covered with a silken ease of execution. He knew how to use a stomping rhythm section behind him, while still retaining his wonderful and imaginative improvisational lines. Along with this, he obviously had no problem handling an explosive rhythm section comprised of Buddy Rich and Ray Brown behind him. He had a way of floating his lines over this rhythmic impulse no matter how intense they became, reminiscent of a gifted fly fisherman casting his flyline in the midst of a heavy rainstorm. I sat in the wings night after night completely entranced and mesmerized with the pianistic genius of this man who I was proud to call a musical inspiration, and on our free times away from JATP, my friend. Hank has left a legacy of his wonderful talent on a set of diversified recordings, not only as an accompanist, but as a soloist non pareil. Whenever I hold seminars and/or lecture to upcoming aspiring pianists, Hank is my premier line of reference and an insistent choice for their listening assignments. I feel the Jazz world has been enriched by his incredible musicality. I know for certain that my life has been. "

C'è poi questo gustoso duo con Chick Corea.

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RoVino ha detto...

Mi piacerebbe avere più tempo...
Molto belli e utili i tuoi post, sia che si tratti di jazz che di medicina. Mi fa piacere sapere che ti diletti con il piano.
Io invece lo sto abbandonando, perché a casa ho un Roland con due tasti difettosi che mi danno i nervi e non ho al momento soldi per acquistare un piano serio. Mi accontento di suonarlo quando vado a casa dei familiari di mia moglie. Lì, a volte, sono sbalordito da certe mie "creazioni" istintive, che non sono in grado di ripetere ma mi danno una grande gioia quando si verificano.
A casa ho le congas, e con quelle mi diverto parecchio.