lunedì 11 giugno 2007

Trauma cranico minore: valutazione e gestione. Tool kit del CDC

Questa interessante iniziativa del CDC (Center of Disease Control) mette a disposizione di varie figure professionali un ottimo riassunto molto pratico, e due schede per anamnesi e follow up, dedicati alla valutazione di pazienti con trauma cranico minore, un problema di grande impatto epidemiologico e spesso non facile da gestire soprattutto in ambito pediatrico.
Il link è sul titolo.

CDC Updates Concussion-Management Tool Kit

The CDC has revised its multimedia tool kit that helps physicians recognize, manage, and make appropriate referrals for concussions earlier.

The CDC's announcement highlights one component of the new kit, the Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) form, designed to aid in the initial evaluation and diagnosis of patients with a known or suspected concussion. In addition, the ACE Care Plan offers guidance for helping patients to recover and avoid reinjury.

Other components include a "Facts for Physicians" booklet; fact sheets on concussion prevention, available in both English and Spanish; a palm card for on-field management of sports-related concussion; and a CD-ROM with additional resources.

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