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Valutazione di una prima crisi convulsiva in un adulto. Raccomandazioni dall'American Academy of Neurology

L'American Academy of Neurology ha stilato un breve documento con delle raccomandazioni pratiche su come valutare una prima crisi convulsiva in un adulto.
Due gli elementi da sottolneare: EEG e TC cranio (o MNR) da eseguire routinariamente e invece da valutare caso per caso altri accertamenti quali esami ematici o rachicentesi.
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New Guidelines for Evaluating First Unprovoked Seizure in Adults

The American Academy of Neurology has issued a practice parameter for evaluating adults who present with apparently unprovoked first seizures.

The guidelines, which appear in the current Neurology, were developed using data from 53 studies. Here are the highlights:

-- Routine electroencephalography should be considered in the neurodiagnostic workup of all patients for both its "substantial yield" and "value" in predicting recurrence.
-- Brain imaging with either computed tomography or MRI should also be considered routinely.
-- There is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against the routine use of blood glucose tests, blood counts, electrolyte panels, lumbar puncture, and toxicology screening; however, these tests may be useful in certain circumstances (e.g., lumbar puncture in febrile patients).

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